Welcome to my brand new blog!

Hello stranger!

Because I enjoy reading and writing I have decided to create my own blog. The idea was born long time ago, but at X-mas holidays I finally got some time to do it. But why? Have I something special to express? I am not sure, but I know that I am learning a lot of things and experience a lot as well, so maybe it could be helpful for others. We will see.

As you can see I am not a native english speaker. I was born in Czech Republic, the middle of Europe how we are proudly saying and I still live there. I really hope that mistakes and language nonsenses will not be too irritating for you, my readers. In fact the decision that this blog will be written in English instead of Czech was based on my desire to learn written english better. I am sure this practise will reach the point.

What will be the main content of this blog? I try to answer this question by the following list.

  • Traveling photos, videos experiences and related thoughts
  • Some experiences of the young student and software developer
  • Tutorials, How To: and my learning conclusions
  • Unboxing and Reviews of technology related things
  • Sport related content like body transformation etc.
  • Free time funny or interesting personal stuff

In sum, you can find here content which can describe my life and attitude. It is just up to you if you consider it interesting. 🙂 I hope somebody does.