Programming Apple devices – Swift 3

Have you ever wanted to develop games for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or even Macintosh? Have you tried already? If not, maybe you just didn’t know how easy it could be. In this post I want to share with you some basic knowledge about programming language called Swift 3.

Swift is really new language. It’s first appearance was on June 2, 2014. Swift is now days licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Swift is great for beginners, because it was designed from the beginnings to remove complexity. Its syntax is trying to remove gap between the human mind and the machine operations, and it’s doing well. It also removes special characters (like semicolons) to the minimum. Code looks very fancy and lightweight and works pretty fast.

Coding home for Swift is called Xcode. This IDE offers a feature called ‘playground’ where you can try Swift programming with results in the real time without any delay. Every row is executed immediately (if valid).

I think that it will be in vain to write more about something what was already written by more experienced people, so I decided to provide some useful links for you instead.

  • Well written theory is on Wikipedia
  • Really good tutorial step by step to write your first Apple game using SpriteKit framework is here
  • And of course official documentation by Apple

If you have any questions or wishes like… “Heyy gr8, lets make some game development series all together”… just write me comment bellow and we can try!