Welcome to my personal website! My name is Daniel Pernik. I am currently attending the University of South Bohemia, where I study Applied Informatics at the Faculty of Science.

I succesfully finished my bachelor degree in June 2016 and at this moment I am working on my masters degree, which would (hopefully) be accomplished in 2017/2018.

Since December 2014 I have been employed as a software developer in a midsize company called Orchitech Solutions (idm.systems), where I develop web based enterprise applications, mostly Identity and Access Management systems.

We are developing in following technologies: Back-end in Java and middleware in JavaScript. Front-end is mostly based on Angular with “hip” technologies like lodash, npm, jspm, babel, sass etc.

In my free time I am enjoying reading of books (all kinds), learning, traveling, buying new technologies, playing games with friends and spending time with my girlfriend.

I didn’t mentioned sport, because I have more words for this topic. I like running, skiing, cycling, but the most – workout. I am working out three or four times a week. In the gym, outside on workout playgrounds, in the forrest with gymnastics rings or calisthenics anywhere.

I want to apologise for mistakes you can see on this blog. I am from Czech Republic and actually one of reasons why I fired up this blog is that I want to improve my written english. Thank you for understanding. See more in the very first post.

So, thank you for visiting and I hope you will find here some interesting facts and informations, or just some funny stuff. 🙂