Hi, I'm Daniel Perník!

Software Developer / Coaching Practitioner

What I am all about

I've decided to divide this section into two areas about which I am really passionate. Those two are:

Software and technologies
Since my high school (approximately 10 years) I regularly work with information technologies. I spent many years developing web based applications, using FE and BE frameworks. Last year and a half I work as a back-end Java developer on one really interesting project. I can not say anything specific, but it is all about real time in memory processing, high availability, scaling in cluster and parallel processing. I enjoy challenges which involves not only programming, but also creative thinking and similar skills.

Self development and life coaching
Since I experienced life changing health incident, 5 years ago, I've started to focus more on my inner self. I red a lot of books about human nature, psychology, behaviour, personal growth and mindfulness. Thanks to that many of my friends seek me for counseling and advices related to their lives and problems. When I realized that this activity fulfills me, I started study coaching and similar practices (like NLP for example) more deeply. Now I am certified coaching practitioner with ambition to grow more in this area.

IT Expertise

Real time data processing

Development of highly parallel systems, which process data primarily in memory data grids.


Working within computer cluster, managing and scripting deployments, builds and databases.

Java developer tech stack

Many years of experience with Java EE, Spring ecosystem, Hazelcast and application servers.

Atlassian software stack

Utilization of Jira, Bitbucket GIT repository, Bamboo continuous integration and Confluence.


Software Development (Java)
Software Architecture
Leading skills
Communications Skills
Coaching and NLP
Creative thinking

Work Experience

2017 - Present

Analyst / Software Developer

CGI Group Inc.

Czech Republic, Prague

2018 - Present

Life Coaching practice, Counseling

Self employed


2014 - 2017

Full-stack Web Developer

Orchitech Solutions s.r.o.

Czech Republic, České Budějovice

2010 - 2018

Company Websites Developer

Self employed



2015 - 2017

Management and Information Systems

University of South Bohemia

Czech Republic, České Budějovice

2012 - 2015

Applied Informatics

University of South Bohemia

Czech Republic, České Budějovice

2008 - 2012

Electrical Engineering with a focus on computer systems

SOS & SOU Velesin

Czech Republic, Velesin


AccessData Certified Examiner, CISCO: IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software, TOEFL ITP English, Achology certified Life Coaching course, Achology certified NLP practitioner



I am active, healthy living, whole my life. Last 8 years I workout almost daily. Instead of my gym routines, which are more about gymnastics and self weight workouts, I also like jogging, cycling, skying, yoga and BJJ. But when there is some sport event around, I want and can do everything.

Self development

As mentioned before, I enjoy learning new things really much. I love books, audiobooks, podcasts and culture. I just like reading about everything. It's good to have that knowledge, when necessary right? My motto is: "Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes." I also write blog about self development.


Travelling and learning from other cultures and people is crucial part of my life. I enjoy low-cost traveling in Asia, getting in touch with locals and other travelers, speaking about lives and differences. Meeting new people is my favourite activity.


If you have any questions, ideas or things you want to talk about, contact me via following form.
Or write me an email directly to mail@danielpernik.com.